About Merryn Crawford Consulting

Merryn Crawford Consulting is a organisational and people development consulting group, specialising in working with organisations to maximise the results and potential of their management and staff, as well as the process and results of managing change within organisations.

Merryn Crawford Consulting has consulted extensively with Federal, State and Local Government as well as within the banking and finance, accounting, consumer goods and packaging industries and has been in operation for over 15 years.

About Getting There First

Getting There First
, a division of Merryn Crawford Consulting, came about in the late 1990s particularly as a result of the significant increase of psychological injury in organisations. Research indicates that the earlier organisations and their managers respond to workplace stress, the better the chance of supporting people, responding to workplace problems and hopefully, keeping stressed people in the workplace and therefore, Getting There First. The Getting There First program was co-developed with Comcare Australia and it was piloted with a group of public sector managers in Canberra with very positive feedback. The Getting There First philosophy is now part of two other programs, Prevention of Bullying and Harassment and Performance Management.

About Merryn Crawford

Merryn Crawford is the principal of Merryn Crawford Consulting, is a highly experienced facilitator, trainer and coach with over 15 years experience as a consultant in management and leadership. Merryn has a diverse blend of experience and expertise across a number of areas. She specialises in organisational and personal change, conflict resolution, facilitation of planning and other group processes, managing stress, learning and development, performance management and prevention of workplace bullying and harassment programs. Merryn has consulted extensively with the private sector, Federal, State and Local Government sectors.

Prior to establishing her business, Merryn was a Principal Consultant with consulting group Harris van Meegen (Canberra). Prior to that she held managerial and human resource positions within a number of Australian Public Service organisations, as well as training, managerial and occupational health roles with Telstra and the NSW Labour Council.

Merryn has qualifications in occupational health and counselling and is accredited to provide programs using Myers- Briggs Type Indicator and the Team Management Index. She is also an accredited coach with the Australian Institute of Executive Coaching and has Certificate 1V in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Merryn aims to provide services of excellence by drawing on her knowledge of current management practice, gained through a broad skill base and wide-ranging consultancy work and experience. The approach is not ‘off-the-shelf’ as each program is tailored specifically to meet the needs of the clients, following discussions and close consultation. Merryn is innovative and attempts to design and develop programs and approaches to facilitation which have a leading edge and which consider contemporary workplace issues. 

Recent achievements for Merryn include being the successful contractor through LGSA (Local Government and Shires Association) and as part of the Workcover Assist funding program, to develop and deliver programs on the prevention and management of bullying and harassment to over 40 Local Government organisations across NSW. Also she was asked to present her 'Getting There First: Managing Stress Responses' Program as part of the IIR's 'Psychological Injury and Stress in the Workplace'  Conference held in Sydney in 2006.


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