Managing & Preventing Bullying

Bullying and harassment pose a significant threat to the safety and wellbeing of people in workplaces and can have a dramatic effect on the morale and harmony of teams. It may appear that it is difficult to prevent and manage these issues but people want to work in a place where they feel safe and are treated fairly. With appropriate early intervention and associated organisational support, policies and procedures, much can be done to Get There First’ and manage and confront inappropriate behaviours before they become entrenched behaviours, have a detrimental effect on other people and more difficult to manage. 

This program, divided into three modules, provides the opportunity to explore the what and how of bullying and harassment, to understand resolution options and roles and responsibility. It also provides conversation modules for manager to enable them to confront bullies and to successfully respond to a victim of bullying or harassment. The third module is designed for people who are being bullied and sets out approaches and conversation frameworks to enable and encourage them to approach and confront the unwelcome behaviour.

‘This is one of the most practical and useful programs I have ever participated in. It was so welcoming to see a program that went beyond just the theory and background and actually provide practical tools that you could use in the workplace.’

‘I learnt so much in this program. I haven’t actually been bullied at work but I feel that if it occurs, not only will I recognise it but I feel that I would be motivated to stop it or at least to gain support to do that. Merryn is a great facilitator and seems to know her stuff.’

‘I think I recognised today that I could be a bully!! My point is that I now understand that it is so easy to impose our management style on someone else and not really be aware of the impact. Thank you so much, Merryn, you are obviously passionate about this issue.’


Workplace bullying
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