The 'Getting There First' Programme

Research and our experience tell us that supervisors and managers have a significant role in recognising situations and behaviours which may lead to stress responses, bullying and performance management issues and that they should manage these situations as early as possible to avoid even more difficult situations.

'Getting There First' is a suite of programs designed to encourage and empower managers to respond quickly and effectively to these workplace issues. These programs are:

  1. Getting There First! Managing Stress Responses in the Workplace
  2. Getting There First! Managing and Preventing Workplace Bullying and Harassment
  3. Getting There First! Effective Performance Management

Improve the productivity and harmony of your work place by building robust and effective communication skills and by motivating people to be alert to issues so that they “Get There First  - before any problems arise.

Merryn Crawford - Merryn Crawford Consulting
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