Merryn has always approached the tasks I have set her with the utmost professionalism and flexibility. I have often called on her at the very last minute with a broad concept only. Merryn has then quickly and effectively been able to develop more detailed parameters for the work I needed undertaken in close consultation with me and my teams. This resulted in better outcomes for the team, the client and the organisation. I have sought Merryn’s skills in team building, customer
service, human resource management. conflict resolution, health and safety management and business planning over the past fifteen years in various roles across a number of different organisations. She often employs innovative tools to help achieve the goals for the task and I am
yet to be disappointed with the way that she works and the results of the work that she has undertaken for me.

Senior Manager
Department of Immigration & Citizenship

'Merryn planned collaboratively with school executive to formulate goals for improved time management, communication and leadership structures for the educational administrative team. Her warm approachable style encouraged all members of the team to contribute while her energy and enthusiasm engaged them actively in the change process. Her follow up was consistent and diligent highlighting individual strengths and accepting a range of personal styles. Her contribution was invaluable while her professionalism and sense of humour attested to the importance of resilience in the workplace. '

Sandra Marsh, School Principal

"In business today its our people which differentiate us from our competitors. It makes perfect sense for us to employ Merryn's unique skill set to our business. Merryn adds a tremendous amount of value in helping our people improve individual soft skills. Merryn's combination of group leadership programs and one-on-one coaching has been a key ingredient in developing a successful business culture which continuously strives to add greater value to our customers."

Cristopher Hansford
Financial Controller & Company Secretary, Meadwestvaco Packaging

"It is a unique blend of insight, interpersonal skills and depth of understanding of management and leadership issues that Merryn brings to the facilitation she has done for me over the years.  Merryn’s approach is very personable though she can be bring underlying issues and tensions into the open and enable groups to deal with these effectively without alienating them."

Kerry Foster, Director, Active Occupational Health.

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